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Traditional Bows

Building a Legacy with Sterrett Bows!

At Sterrett Bows, performance and precision are qualities we strive for in each bow we craft. We take pride in building powerful bows one at a time with detailed craftsmanship and hand-picked materials selected by the bowyer, Pete Sterrett Stahl. If you want a bow that is superior, reliable, and fun to shoot then we want to build it.

Our mission at Sterrett Bows is that each bow we produce is one that proudly represents our family name to you, our customer.  We strive to create a product that will connect you to the outdoors and the sport of traditional archery.  We invite you to share in our vision as we build the Sterrett Legacy, one bow at a time.

Our work


Sterrett Bows was officially launched as a business in 2016, but it has been in the works for much longer.  Bowyer Pete Sterrett Stahl started as a finish carpenter in Culver City, California.  An avid bow hunter and fisherman, he started making bows in his shop for himself in the early 1980's.  His talent was soon noticed by family and friends, and he started making bows for them as well.  To support his young growing family, he utilized his cabinet skills, but continued to dream of pursuing a career making traditional bows.  In 1994, he moved his family 3 hours north to the beautiful town of Arroyo Grande, CA.  Over the years, as time allowed, he worked on his bows, refining processes and developing his own unique style. Now finally, he has transitioned full time to designing and engineering high performance, hand crafted traditional bows.

Pete's passion for traditional archery has never been just about hitting his target or filling a tag.  Rather, it's the history and the art of bow making, and the unique craftsmanship involved in each one.  This appreciation for the history of bow-making is what made "Sterrett Bows" the obvious choice when naming the business.  Sterrett, Pete's middle name, is a family surname, and after researching its origin, Pete uncovered his Scottish heritage.  Family and tradition are his priorities, and the name he chose for his company reflects both.

As a bowyer, Pete Stahl’s main goal for each client is to be confident in the equipment he builds. His 30 years as a custom cabinet maker combined with his love of bow making has created a natural transition into the custom traditional bow business.

Our mission at Sterrett Bows is to share our enthusiasm for traditional archery with you, build you a quality product you can be proud of and  invite  you to share in our dream as we continue to build this legacy.

Thank you,
Pete and Patty Stahl 


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Pete Stahl

1305 Ewing Rd

Arroyo Grande CA 93420

Tel: 805-574-3488

Hours Of Operation:

Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm

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